Driveway: The most common products for a clean driving surface are 3/4″ minus (stone & stone dust). 3/4″ minus (stone & stone dust) is a mix of various sizes of stone or gravel and crusher fines that help the mixture compact tightly when rolled or driven on. Really muddy situations may require larger sizes like #2 crushed Gravel.

Landscaping: Why deal with mulch every year when you can use our 1 1/4″ crushed stone, #2 crushed stone or pea stone.

Pool: Mason sand is the ideal choice for bedding underneath the liner of the pool. Not sure how much you need, call us today and we will help you out. You can also use our 1 1/4″ crushed stone or our #2 crushed stone to add around the outside of the pool for landscape.

Lawn/Gardens: A high-quality topsoil can make a difference when it comes to your lawn and/or gardens. Our topsoil is screened to make it easy to work. Screened topsoil is available all year long and is stored inside at our Rte 104 location.


Patio: Installing a patio? Whether it be pavers or gravel we can help you select the right materials for your patio. Our mason sand is ideal bedding for under the pavers. Our 1 1/4″, #2 stone or pea stone would make an ideal patio.